Subfrequencies @ Garage, Lüneburg

7 10 2009

Subsonics Floor (Techno / Industrial):
KiEw (live) – Out of Line
13th Monkey (live) - Hands
Heimstatt Yipotash (live) – Hands
Erich von Strohhalm – Sonic Fiction
Feldfunker –
Ma-Cell – Nightbeat Booking

Sublines Floor (Drum’n’Bass):
Bassrk – Grindingecho
Grooveside – Therapy Sessions
Dopeman – Sublines
MC Spycz – BBC Bizznezz/Nu Era

+ Aerosol Light Textures

Auf der Hude 74
21339 Lüneburg

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[German Elections] 100 Blogs für die Linke!

26 09 2009

Ich unterstütze Die Linke, weil ich glaube das wir mehr brauchen als die neoliberale Konsenssoße, um einen nachhaltigen Paradigmenwechsel in der Sozialpolitik, Bildungspolitik und nicht zuletzt in Kriegsfragen herbeizuführen.

Out Now: Don Quijote

19 08 2009

The new album “Don Quijote” is now available over at the Kreislauf webpage.

YouTube - Preview: FeldFunker - Feeling Obsolete

18 08 2009

Thanks for N0theen!

12 08 2009

TFN - Thanks for notheen netaudio compilation

The TFN compilation is finally out and I’m on it on CD 1 (the “daystream”) with my scifi-space-rock-minimal-electro-whatever track “Space Pirates“. Go get it and thanks for N0theen!

Die Schnabeltiere Loop Session

29 07 2009

Just stumbled upon this: “Die Schnabeltiere” with a Traktor loop session featuring my track Trans Lunar Injection (from the album Beyond The Moon) - sound quality is not the best but interesting nevertheless. Karl surely knows his Traktor. :-)

24/7 opensource audio/ netaudio radio

16 06 2009

A pretty young netaudio web radio, plays 24/7 - great project, I’m sure it’s gonna play an important part in the scene!

Complete Discography 2007-2008 as torrent!

18 05 2009

As I found and Sonic Squirrel to be down a lot, I decided to give it a try and provide a (legal, don’t worry) torrent of my works from 2007 and 2008 for you to download. Go here for the download (must have a torrent client, obviously), and please seed. Just as a disclaimer: this is released under creative commons license by-nc-nd.

Kreislauf leaves Last.FM

11 05 2009

Please note that Kreislauf, the label I released most of my music with, has decided not to support Last.FM anymore. You still can find their complete catalogue including my releases on their webpage.

electronic washroom vol.4

27 02 2009

After a long time insectorama returns back with the new insectorama release, the 2 years insectorama birthday compilation with 31 tracks from artists all over the world. Perfect minimaltecho for the winter moments - featuring my track “Tidelands“.

Listen here: