For those looking for my Freeware

2 10 2007

A word or two for people looking for my freeware I wrote some years ago (like Gallery Wizard or Splitz): I’m sorry to tell you I do not further develop/ improve them. Some are still available for download, though:

If you have any questions you can send me an e-mail but please understand I cannot provide full scale support for some freeware applications I wrote ages ago just for the fun of it. My full time job is coding software for SAP job scheduling so I’m not eager on programming on my free time anymore. My company also has a cool new job scheduling solution for small SAP systems! ;-)



11 responses to “For those looking for my Freeware”

27 04 2008
Liz (22:09:06) :

Glad I finally found you! I have used Gallery Wizard for years - and LOVE IT - thank you so much for making such a great program. I really appreciate it!!
- Liz

26 05 2008
Sjoerd de Boer (20:47:06) :

Thanks for your free gallery!! Good software, easy to use. Better than CoffeeCup Photogallery which need registration.

19 06 2008
Rolf Braches (22:14:23) :

Gallery Wizard is great! If you have any time to spare, have a look at the website above, which would have been an awful job without your wizard. Your program made it possible to create a “factory” for hundreds of pages by editing image pages and templates. Thank you !

10 07 2008
Dialup boy (22:55:51) :


Ubiquitous broadband might mean people are less concerned about loading speeds, but I just used splitz to cut 28 images that were 640 X 842 @ 500 kb into 16 pieces per image and it really helped those pages jump off on an old, slow server.

I also discovered I could edit the .grd files in Notepad - beauty!!!

23 12 2008
Dave Merrill (20:38:15) :

Gallery Wizard really is great - people give me tons of pics for the websites I volunteer on (scouts, school band. youth sports) and I just can’t count the time it has saved me while still doing a really nice job

30 06 2010
Gary (16:11:57) :

Thanks so much for the cool Splitz program.. I had to modify a script and put in new images.. this was a great help


2 10 2010
Steve (23:27:32) :

I have used your gallery for ages - it was great. Now I have changed to Windows 7 which it doesn’t work. I presume with your note, that you will not be updating.
Thanks for the previous version

28 11 2010
fernando (13:38:20) :

i have been using gallery wizard since i start developing websites … its the best … thanks many many thanks :) :) :)

24 02 2012
Mike (13:51:52) :

I loved Buttonz! and Tilez! the moment I got them on a magazine CD a very long time ago, and have enjoyed them ever since. The comments are proof of just how good all your programs still are today. Thank you so much for them, for I know many others who I have given them to that appreciate them as much as I do.

1 06 2012
TenaciousD (18:30:47) :

Hi really like you Buttonz and Tilez Program.

I’ve created a page for game creation software with your program listed:
Game creation Tools

14 07 2012
han (22:15:15) :

Thanks, I liked Gallery Wizard because is configurable just the way I want. It allows to add extra html code in the gallery template and links purely to the JPG files. So the browser shows the picture “full screen” immediately and allows zooming by next click. Secondly it doesn’t changes the picture files names such as other programs

The only thing I’m missing, is a way to change the font color of the picture names.


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