Techno4Amnesty is a party project of me and friends, a charitable electronic music (mini-)festival for Amnesty International held once per year. The whole thing started with some beer and a discussion of me and my good friend Ma-Cell about wether Techno is or can be political - a few months later, in 2006, we held first Techno4Amnesty party in the Waagenbau club in Hamburg.

For 2007, Jörg Steinke, host of Hamburg’s leading Techno party strom., joined in the team and we had some real big names in the line-up, like techno legend DJ Rok. At the moment, I’m unsure about how and when Techno4Amnesty 2008 will be held, but in case you’re interested in supporting the idea you can send an e-mail to - you can also check the (german) website for the project at And as we’re at it, please also check Amnesty International’s website and think about joining them or supporting their urgent actions.

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